Action Film: Premium Rush


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The best motivation for spinnig or running – high adrenalin boost!

Premium Rush is a 2012 American action film on bikes directed by David Koepp and written by Koepp and John Kamps.

A bike messenger is chased  – around the over-crowded streets of New York City – by a corrupt police officer who wants an envelope the messenger has.The title refers to the extra charge for fast delivery and it delivers also the film’s and yours adrenaline boost.

“Premium Rush” is a breakneck chase movie about the daredevils who work as Manhattan bicycle messengers. With a map of the city imprinted in their brains, they hurtle down sidewalks, run red lights, go against traffic, jump obstacles and insist on using bikes without brakes. Whatever they’re paid, it’s not enough. If one hits your baby carriage in a crosswalk, you may not see it that way.

It shows messengers speeding fearlessly into traffic and threading their way through trucks that could flatten them.

The film has a nonlinear narrative. It contains numerous flash-forward and flashback cuts, indicated with an overlaid digital clock showing the time advancing rapidly forward/backward to the next scene.

It is perfect to watch it while spinning or running on the treadmill.



Motion Step with Rèmy Huleux


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Motion Step with Rèmy Huleux – I bought this DVD years ago.

I love to step because you have a great training situation: high level for condition and shape, fun and you do a lot for your brain as well by lerning the choreography. This DVD is made for presenters and fitness trainers, so I enjoy the splendid class given on this DVD.

The movements and the choreography is lovely and at the same time demanding. For step class lovers highly recommended! It is level 1, so also for beginners.

XCORE bij Basic-Fit

Today I made the “Virtual Xcore les” by Basic-Fit Belgium.

It was great. The virtual training is `dvd moves me` in the Fitness Center. It is a good way to save money for the club, but also the members are free in time and must not make any commitments to time and trainer. Actually I like the kind of virtual training very much. I can recommend it, there are many sport clubs which offer these virtual training lessons.

abdos fessiers – un programme toujours efficace in French

I like this program very much because of the effectiveness of the easy going abs and bud exercises. It is made in France and a little bit old fashioned: an unsophisticated living room is the setting. The presenters are young and average in appearance. the motivation comes along with the instructions for the exercises. I miss only a friendly or motivation sentence –  like a joke or friendly laughter.


Group Rx – RIP Vol.14


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Ich liebe diese RIP-DVD. Dieses Langhantel-Training ist für mich die perfekte Alternative zum Maschinentraining im Fitnesscenter. Je nach Tagesform kann ich die Gewichte für die Hanteln auflegen und loslegen. Die Movements sind klar strukturiert, seht gut demonstriert und physiologisch korrekt aufgearbeitet.

Diese RIP-DVD mit Langhantel ist hervorragendes Fitness tool um seinen Rücken, Brust und Beine zu kräftigen. Für Core und Bauch finde ich auch gute Übungen darauf, aber um diese zu trainieren bevorzuge ich immer noch ABs training mit Billy Blank.

Core-Workout für Bauch & Taille schlanke Mitte – sexy Kurven – Vital Edition mit Nina Winkler

Hervorragende Core – Workout DVD! Sie ist fordernd, unterhaltsam mit Strand/Sand/Urlaubsambiente, mit sich steigernden Übungssequenzen speziell für die Rumpfmuskulatur. Dies wünscht sich jeder: ein flacher, straffer Bauch!  Eine tolle Figur, einen starken Rücken und eine sexy Silhouette inklusive. Diese DVD ist für Profis, versierte Fitness-Fans, sowie auch Einsteiger geeignet. Die Fatburner-Einheiten bringen einem so richtig in Schwung und sind ein gutes Warm-up.

Sehr empfehlenswert!

Inhalt der DVD: Individuelles Training zu Hause nach dem Modul-System bestehend aus einer effektiven Kombination aus Fatburning (speziellen Übungen für den Fettstoffwechsel) und Core-Training (Formen, Straffen und Aufbauen der gesamten Rumpfmuskulatur). Ideal zum individuellen kombinieren:  jede nach Zeitbudget und Trainingsziel!

Inhalt der DVD 
Warm-up ca. 5 Min.
Modul 1: Schlank-Kicks für die Taille ca. 10 Min. 
Modul 2: Bauch und Rücken intensiv ca. 10 Min. 
Modul 3: Straffe Flanke, starke Mitte ca. 10 Min. 
Modul 4: Powermoves für Hüfte und Bauch ca. 10 Min. 
Modul 5: Core-Training für den Flachbauch ca. 10 Min. 
Stretching ca. 5 Min.



Training with virtual Coaching

It is called the “digital revolution” enter the gym: “You train real and in live – but you have a Cyber trainer!” This “revolution”  –  you can find it in some cheap gyms like McFit or Basic fit and others.

Actually – if you train with your dvd it is the same – with some differences: you are with other people, you are in the gym, the time is fixed by the schedule of the gym.

If you have neighbors, which don´t like your step training, because they hear every step – it will be a good alternative. From my point of view: I prefer my home dvds, because I have a wonderful home gym in my garden house.