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Slim Toning on a ball

 This is a 30 min DVD with Karen Voight: It is essential to have a stability ball and dumbbells for this training to achieve strength. The exercises base on Karen’s approach of strength and stability training. Some exercises are done sitting on the stability ball, other exercises place the ball in various positions to help you target several muscles at once. This DVD incorporate weight training with pilates inspired sculpting moves and yoga stretches.

Here you can shape your arms, slim your midsection, thin down your thighs and tighten up your tush with Karen’s detailed instruction to make each exercise effective and efficient.

 Karen Voight is an internationally renowned fitness expert and Los Angeles Times Health columnist who has spent more than a decade setting fitness industry standards and expanding the horizons of health and fitness for people of all ages and fitn

“All the workouts that I develop are biomechanically correct but at the same time, I want each participant to enjoy the workout and get a sense of accomplishment from their training” notes Karen,

Imagefitness Karen Voight is an American fitness expert and Los Angeles Times health columnist. She has produced approximately 25 fitness videos and DVDs which cover a variety of exercises from strength and cardiovascular training to yoga and pilates instruction